Give The Gift Of Literacy

 We believe if a child hears 1000 books by the age of 5, he or she is much better prepared to enjoy and succeed in learning

1000×5 Improves Early Literacy Development In The Capital Region

Our goal is for all children to have books in the home and to have heard 1000 books by age 5. For children’s literacy, listening to books as a baby and toddler is one of the most important activities that a child will ever do. Handling books, listening to stories and enjoying time spent with an important adult builds language, imagination, and many important connections in the developing brain.


Books In Hands Of Young Children

Volunteer Hours Sorting Books

Children taking Home Books Monthly

Agencies Distributing Books To Families

1000×5 In Action

We have separate programs that run in Victoria, the Westshore and the Peninsula

Why We Matter

By making reading aloud a daily activity, we help ensure that every child has the healthy foundation they need—cognitively, socially, and emotionally. Starting at birth, reading with children puts them on a path to success.

How can you help?

Through helping 1000×5, you are ensuring that we continue to give the gift of literacy to children all over the Capital Region. As an efficient community based charity, you can be assured that any donations or help you give to us goes right back into your promoting literacy in our community.

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