A Salute To Our Volunteers

A Salute To Our Volunteers

The three 1000X5 projects have been gifted not only with an astounding number of books, but also a talented and committed cadre of volunteers.  They have no more time than anyone else, but week after week they enter the classroom where books and laughter are shared in equal measure. Why do they keep coming to sort and package books for children? Following are some of the comments a couple weeks ago from the Victoria 1000X5 volunteers.

“I love Wednesday mornings – I know I will be in a room of people who value books, early childhood learning, and good talk.  Sometimes the chatter and hoots of laugher almost overwhelm the room but still we manage to package between 500 – 700 books. Not bad for two hours work!! “

“Sometimes as I am labelling one of the lovely books, I visualize the child who will receive it and sit listening to it over and over.  It makes me smile”.

 “As a former teacher and one who loves children’s books, I find great satisfaction in helping to bring more children into the literacy club. I know how critical it is to have books in the home and to read to babies and preschoolers. Nothing can replace that in preparing a child for school.  And for introducing a love of reading that will last a lifetime.” 

“The Victoria branch of 1000X5 has sent over 97,000 books into homes. As a former librarian, I know that represents about 10 average size elementary school libraries.”

“I think this is one of the most amazing recycling projects that exist.  We repurpose a resource that is no longer needed by some families but in short supply or perhaps non-existent for other families. I love being part of this.”

“When I walk into the room and see all the boxes of books waiting for us – some that Eileen has bought for the babies, some donated shiny and new from ORCA publishers and the many, many, many books from the elementary schools within the district – I marvel at the cooperation towards a common goal. It seems that we have a community working really well together.  I am proud to be part of that community.”

“I came from a family who did not have much money and I remember how precious a new book was.  I remember saving to buy the first book of my very own “Little Women”.”

 “I am always buying books for my grandchildren and think that I know the world of children’s books quite well. But every now and then, a beautiful book that is new to me comes out of the box. I just have to stop my processing and read it. I am so happy that this quality of book goes into a child’s hands.”

There is a saying: “Those who can, do.

Those who can do more, volunteer.”

Thank you.